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Master’s Project: Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies

Congratulations to Master’s students Christina Carlson, Josh Flickinger, Sarah (Quill) Turner, Alex Clayton, and Yifan (Flora) He, who completed their SEAS Master’s Project “Inspiration Ridge Preserve Baseline Ecological Inventory and Management Plan.” Bill Currie was the faculty advisor and the client for this project was the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies (CACS). CACS is obtaining a large new tract of land in coastal Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula and they asked our student team to survey the site to identify conservation issues related to wildlife species and habitat, including sandhill cranes and moose that use the area. The students all traveled to the site in summer 2016 and completed their report in April 2017. You can read about the student team’s methods and findings in their final report, available on Deep Blue, the University of Michigan’s portal for university publications.